CCI – An Event That Has Forever Marked the History of the Church

The mystery is revealed. Christ is made known. The Apostle Paul is rediscovered and the Church is reborn. The apostolic mission that kicked off at the start of Plerosis 2017 to administer supernatural deposits in the nations for the rising of the glorious Church, just witnessed a phase in the political capital of Cameroon, Yaoundé....

July 25, 2017July 25, 2017

5 Reasons to Attend CCI

We are in a very special season as we look forward to the fifth edition of Christ Commission International (CCI) to take place in Cameroon.  The Church has been in prayer for this glorious event and the Saints rejoice in participating in the plans, purposes, and intents of God on Earth. Every believer is a Saint...

July 14, 2017July 14, 2017

Quick Facts About CCI

If you’ve never attended CCI and are wondering what it is all about, here are some quick facts you may love to know. • Christ Commission International (CCI) is an apostolic ministerial network for communion and association of ministers and churches of various jurisdictions to be a unified witness of the Lord Jesus Christ, according...

July 11, 2017July 13, 2018