5 Reasons to Attend CCI

Christ Commission InternationalWe are in a very special season as we look forward to the fifth edition of Christ Commission International (CCI) to take place in Cameroon.  The Church has been in prayer for this glorious event and the Saints rejoice in participating in the planspurposes, and intents of God on Earth. Every believer is a Saint and every Saint is a minister and as ministers, we all need to be unashamed workmen who can rightly divide the Word of Truth (2 Timothy 2:15). Christ Commission International (CCI) provides that environment for ministers to be taught in the mysteries of God.

The necessity for this cannot be overemphasized. The believer in Christ Jesus will always be in the school of learning Christ and will never graduate from it. Here are five reasons why you should attend CCI.


  1. You will be part of a ministerial network of like-minded ministers. There is a new kind of minister that God wants to raise in the Church of Jesus Christ. CCI provides a global and apostolic communion of New Testament Ascension ministers.
  2. Christ Commision InternationalYour presence for this God-ordained gathering grants you access to the ecclesiastical wineskin meant for all ministers in the body of Christ who believe in the revelation of the mystery entrusted to the Apostle Paul in the first century of the Church Age and which has been committed to us in the 21st century
  3. At CCI, you will be imparted with revelation and insight to authoritatively strategize resolutions addressing contemporary issues of the 21st Century from the perspective of the New Testament.
  4. Christ Commision InternationalAre you a minister of the Gospel who would love to be ordained? CCI provides ministerial equipping, ecclesiastical credentials, licensing, ordination and consecration for those who have fully demonstrated qualifications according to apostolic canon for such distinctions.
  5. Participating for CCI equally gives you access to quality educational products and training materials to build you up as a New Testament minister.

As ministers of Christ, we are the custodians of the mysteries of God.  The Father has placed a very great responsibility on us to go and properly represent His Son, Jesus Christ, with His message. We give thanks to Christ our Lord, who has enabled us and counted us faithful putting us into the ministry.


Join us for this edition of CCI and come discover for yourself more reasons why you would always want to be a part of it.