The Joy of knowing Christ

Drs. Shawn and Annie Smith are a priceless gift to our family. No human words can calibrate how grateful we are and how much influence the gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, the Pauline revelation, the gospel of grace that you preach has influenced our minds, our lives, our family, our ministry, even to the smallest detail.

Since we came in contact with this ministry, our lives have literally never been the same again. We have not just heard the gospel being preached but we have also seen the gospel being lived. It has been an honour to participate in the various mobilization campaigns that the ministry has had. So much have we learned, so much have we grown and so much have we experienced through this platform of continuous training.

The mandate of Christianising the world is indeed a monumental one and with what we have seen more specifically through the CCIs, we can say without any iota of doubt that the “Glorious Church is Rising”. We are overjoyed to be a part of it and we unequivocally pledge our allegiance to the man, the message and the mandate.

We thank God for this gospel. We thank God for every single word that proceeds from the mouth of the sent one. We consider your words nothing less than the words of the living God. The realities of the gospel have become much more real to us since the spiritual exercise you instructed us to observe which is speaking in tongues for at least an hour. We consider your words to be our life and experience and the evidence has been rest, peace, joy, leadings and perceptions in challenges that befall us. We have become more confident of the love, care and extreme generosity of the Father.

We thank God for you; thank you for all the immeasurable sacrifices that you make for the sake of the gospel, raising sons all over the world. We are most privileged to be part of these sons you are raising. Thank you God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ for gracing us with the best parents and teachers in the whole wide world. Amen


Kampala, UGANDA

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