Regular Partnership

Regular Partners pledge to partner a specific amount on a monthly or annual basis. The minimum partnership level for regular partners is US$17 (10,000 Fcfa).

BEST Partnership

BEST (Business & Economic Success Training) partners are entrepreneurs that the Father has raised to associate with the revelation. They have access to special annual partnership training sessions with Dr Shawn Smith who has received the grace for apostolic wealth. BEST partners pledge to tithe the turnover of their enterprise to create a room for the Sent One to join them in presenting their businesses before the Father in the place of prayer.

 Teleios Partnership

At the close of 2014, the Man of God launched what he termed the “Teleios Experience.” Teleios is the Greek word which meansperfection. It is used by the Apostle Paul in Hebrews 6:1 to speak of the purpose for which Christ came. Moving unto perfection is recognising what we partake in in the union with Christ. When we recognise our union with Christ, we are perfect and when we rest in our completeness (Col. 2:9) in Him we will experience the heirship of our sonship.

Teleios partners make monthly or one-off contributions destined for the implementation of our special media outreach programme via the internet, online radio (Christ FM), satellite TV broadcast, live online broadcast, the upgrading of equipment, the intensification of online activities, the maintenance and upgrading of the ministry’s websites, the administration of an equipped media facility, the acquisition of state of the art audio-visual recording facility, etc.


Operation Parchment


In 2 Timothy 4:13 the apostle Paul made a strange request to his apprentice and protégé Timothy. While under house arrest in Rome, he asked Timothy to bring with him a coat he had left in the legendary city of Troy and to bring his books; but he mentioned that the young Timothy should bring particularly the parchments. A Parchment is a thin material made from hide, used for writing. The tone in Paul’s request is an urgent one for he sensed that his time on Earth was limited. He was asking Timothy to bring to him the durable writing material necessary for him to write down the revelation Christ had entrusted to him for future generations.

Operation Parchment encapsulates the grace and mandate bestowed by Father God on Dr Shawn Smith for the apostolic authorship of a verse by verse exegetical and expository commentary of all of the epistles of the Apostle Paul. Dr Shawn Smith has already released several books, including an unprecedented compendium on Paul’s epistles. Operation Parchment partners are those with the willingness to partner with the Man of God for the realisation of this trust given to Him by the Father, to crystallize all of his distinctive teachings in standard books both for this generation and for generations to come.