CCI – An Event That Has Forever Marked the History of the Church

20246488_1526195177431755_7390491986995185511_nThe mystery is revealed. Christ is made known. The Apostle Paul is rediscovered and the Church is reborn. The apostolic mission that kicked off at the start of Plerosis 2017 to administer supernatural deposits in the nations for the rising of the glorious Church, just witnessed a phase in the political capital of Cameroon, Yaoundé. The fifth edition of Christ Commission International (CCI) came to an effective conclusion on Saturday, 22 July.

The week crowned with spiritual education gathered ministers of the Gospel from all ten regions of the country, as well as representatives from other African and European nations, flooding the hall built with a capacity for about 2000 people.

20228834_1523838631000743_9050331469354100449_nDr. Shawn Smith, the Prelate of CCI, elucidated, among other subjects, the accurate paradigm of ministry to possess, the two ministries of Jesus Christ, the distinct apostleship of Peter and Paul, the hermeneutic principles of right division, the Mystery revealed and justification in Paul’s theology. The entry of the Word brings forth light and the shouts of praise and thanksgiving that resounded in the hall was simply revealing of the true light that now illumined the eyes of the understanding of the receptive ministers. The Word of the Lord had free course to every heart and is glorified. God is taking us out of the diminishing glory to the surpassing glory and He Himself demonstrates to us what is of surpassing glory.

“No preacher has arisen to bless the Church who has not lighted his torch from the sacred flame kindled by Paul.” – Dr. Shawn Smith

20228332_1526197437431529_286444997679956345_nQuoting Karl Barth, Dr. Shawn Smith tells his audience that the Church is reborn when someone rediscovers Paul.  This fifth edition of CCI provided the avenue for the men and women partaking of the ministry of Christ to be fueled by the revelation of the Apostle Paul, that they may impact and influence this world for Christ.

Discerning men and women in this age desire a new type of Christianity that will unveil the reality of Jesus Christ as He is in the now. The veil of misinterpretation has been taken away. Now, we have come to understand the Greater Commission which we have received in this dispensation of grace; that our ambassadorship on behalf of Christ is to announce to the world that God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself, not imputing their transgression unto them. We are the special envoys of Jesus Christ.

19894962_1523840951000511_3725052169839083423_nSpeaking forth the mind of the Father concerning the nation, Dr. Shawn Smith declared that Cameroon will be known for the unveiled face of Jesus Christ; and from the nation will emerge churches that will preach the revelation of Paul. The Man of God also declared words of blessing over the continent of Africa, which he called a continent destined for greatness. His benediction to the ministers present was for there to be a quickening for the effortless flow of the Holy Spirit in their lives, for restful increase, and that we may minister with Jesus Christ as co-laborers, knowing what it is to work with the Father and how to walk in the Spirit, with God giving us the tongue of the learned that we will rightly divide the Word of Truth.

The Blessed God has blessed us with all blessings.