Christ is my life

I have been with Gospel of Christ Ministries for one year now.

Early last year, I experienced a very difficult time. I was depressed and traumatized by so much. Within the space of two weeks, I was attacked by armed robbers and my father passed away. I didn’t know how to face life. Also I kept on almost being a victim of accidents. I became so afraid because of this as I would only see death everywhere, and did not know what to do.

One day in church, while Dr Annie Smith ministered, she called on those who have been involved in accidents. She ministered to us and my experience with accidents stopped. The teachings I have received here have been glorious. The teaching of the Woman of God regarding the washing of regeneration, has built me up in the knowledge of the assurance of God in me. I know Christ lives in me, and He is not being passive towards me. He protects me, feels what I feel; He is the God that is touched by the feelings of my infirmities, and I know that He loves me. I am valuable to Him in a way I cannot explain. I am amazed and every day I walk in the newness of Him. I look at myself and tell myself, “Girl this is you.” I am conscious of the fact that Christ is my life.


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