Christ the Perfect Sacrifice

I was greatly blessed by the Pascha webinar. I want to thank God for a specific aspect that really enlightened my mind. During the webinar, by means of biblical evidences the Man of God showed us that the animal sacrifices practiced by the children of Israel, was never ordained by God but derived its origin in pagan cults.

The Israelites practiced this sacrificial system in order to appease their guilt consciousness towards God. I had been taught for quite a long time that those sacrifices were ordained by God and that the sacrifice of Christ put an end to them. After the webinar however, I was convinced that God never ordained animal sacrifices.

This gave me more grounds to present the Gospel in certain ethnic gatherings I belong to, who keep practicing these sacrifices. Now I can affirm with boldness to those who continue practicing these pagan sacrifices that although animal sacrifices were practiced in the Old Testament, God never ordained them as His will. Rather, the sacrifice of Christ is perfect and excellent, which purged our consciences from sin and guilt.

Douala, Cameroon