Divine Healing

I want to give thanks to God for Divine Healing.
Before the end of month seminar entitled “Made Whole”, I bled abundantly. When the seminar was announced, I decided to listen to the teaching entitled “Health Renewed in Christ”, to be prepared in my hearing and stirred up in my inner man.

My menstrual flow was increasingly abundant and I bled for three weeks. While I listened to the teaching, I held onto the following declaration: “Jesus Christ died my death in His flesh that I should live His life in my body”. I kept repeating that declaration to myself.

An abscess eventually developed on my stomach but irrespective of it all, I decided to disregard the situation. I kept my eyes on the word of God which was my meditation during the entire seminar and on the last day of the seminar, the abundant flow ceased, and the abscess that had suddenly appeared was healed.

I thank God for the teachings taught by Dr. Shawn SMITH, the Gospel of life and peace.