Divine Healing through the Word of God

I want to thank Drs. Shawn and Annie Smith for engendering us in the Gospel which is the Life of Christ experienced. I thank the man of God for the series he started on Wednesday, entitled “Undaunted (Fearless Life in Christ)”. During a session of the Glorious Generosity of God, Dr. Shawn Smith said Christ is our underlying reliability upon whom we have our confidence. By this unshakeable confidence, we speak out boldly because our assurance is Christ and Christ alone. The Man of God mentioned Acts 3, where Apostle Peter and John ministered healing to the lame man at the temple gate called Beautiful. When they met this man, they asked him to look at them. When he did, they said silver and gold we do not have but what we have we give you, in the name of Jesus of Nazareth, rise up and walk. Immediately, the man received his healing and gave glory to God.
On Thursday 18th June I was in the office, a mature man walked into the office. Just before my colleague could attend to him, he received a phone call and he was told his sister was dying. She wasn’t speaking again and her breath was leaving her.  Immediately, he burst into tears right in front of everybody. My colleague not knowing what to say, told the man “it’s ok death is the road everyone will one day take”. Upon hearing what my colleague said, I don’t even realize when I went after the man before he could enter his car with tears on his face. I remembered the words of the Man of God on the boldness to speak out our confidence because Christ is our underlying reliability. I told the man “look at me”. He lifted his head looked at me and I said “your sister will not die”, I repeated it to him twice. I told him to drive with a peaceful and calm mind, he will meet his sister alive. From that moment he had a lifted face.
The next day Friday 19th of June, the man came back to the office and openly thanked me for the prayers I made for him and the sister. He told me everyone was already crying before he got home but by the time he stepped his feet in the house, the sister began breathing. The man said even the doctor who was present, told him he doesn’t understand what just happened.
His sister regained her breath until she wanted some food to eat. He took her to the hospital for follow up. He came thanking me in the office to the hearing of everyone and I told him to thank God and give Him all the glory. I ministered Christ to him and he left very happy, full of gratitude.
I want to thank God because it is always a joy and fulfillment to experience the gospel the Man of God Dr. Shawn Smith ministers to us consistently. Thank You Drs. Shawn and Annie Smith.