Drs. Shawn and Annie Smith’s New Year Message to You

january-profilHappy New Year, dearly Beloved in the Lord.

We just witnessed the close of an extraordinary year. 2016 was the year where massive golden doors were open for the furtherance of the gospel. This New Year, 2017, is a year in which we are going to focus on the global ministry of Jesus Christ, going across every barrier known to man. We need to be awakened to this responsibility. It does not come upon us in our own strength, but as result of the Grace of Jesus Christ, which has come to us.


Throughout Church History, throughout the redemption of the world, in the epochs and the ages of God’s dealings with humanity, He has always reserved and preserved certain men through whom He wrought His purposes, plans and intents in the earth.Jesus Christ, the head of the Church, has committed particular things to your trust as pertain to His plans, intents and purposes. He has entrusted a deposit to your oversight. The very first thing that has been committed to our trust is the correct and accurate use of knowledge. In other words, it is the pure doctrine of the gospel.Without the gospel of Jesus Christ, there is nothing we can experience of His Person and His work.

Our understanding of the Gospel is first and foremost to equip those beyond us. A son’s maturity is not ascertained by his awareness of his identity. There is a place beyond the mere recognition of our identity; there is a point where we assume who we are and what we are, and welcome to realize that God has deposited into our trust things precious to Him. This is the sign that you have come to maturity.

The same Spirit of Jesus Christ, the Spirit of the Son, resides in you. Receive all that He has been sent to minister to you for this New Year, for this new phase, for this new episode of your life.