Divine Wholeness, Preservation and Mercy

I want to honour the Lord for Drs. Shawn and Dr. Annie Smith, whom He used to transform my life and that of my family. My praise report covers divine wholeness, preservation and provision. Concerning wholeness, my family and I have been greatly blessed through the message of peace, preached by the Man of God during the confinement period. My entire family living in the United States was infected with the virus but God’s mercy and Grace prevailed and there was no loss of life. During the pandemic, the Man of God kept reminding us about our union with Christ. It is the mindset of our union and oneness with Him that set my entire family free.

In July 2019, I lost my daughter under terrible conditions. The pain of losing her was so traumatizing, such that I lost the taste of life. I didn’t understand why such a horrible thing would happen to me. I was angry and bitter with everybody. I began to doubt and question God’s true love, preservation and mercy. To be honest, I never knew a day would come where I will recount this story, revealing how great the Father has been in my life. God being so merciful, permitted that my house should be used for the Church in the Home (CitH) gathering in my neighborhood during the pandemic, and that is where my wholeness started. I thank the Father for all those whom He put around me during that specific period in time, especially for the CitH pastor and his assistant. They were so helpful. The message of peace preached during that period gradually healed my fragmented soul.

During the Mothers of Nations Webinar, Dr. Annie Smith made me understand the power of immortality. She said to be absent in the flesh does not mean you are inexistent. I came to realize the power of being in union with Christ. Thank you, Your Excellencies for the knowledge of Christ you bring to us, which healed my broken heart.


Douala- Cameroon