And God is able to make all grace abound toward you; that ye, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work.” II Corinthians 9:8 KJV

During the last end of month program entitled “Established in Grace”, Dr. Shawn Smith held a refresher course on grace in the form of a school of grace to re-establish those who have been following grace by his mouth in the proper New Testament foundation. Commencing every one of these three sessions with a special prayer session (the ministry of the Holy Spirit as pertains to the supernatural prayer life of the believer) wherein the Spirit of prophecy directed the church to pray in specific domains, the man of God explained grace in a concise manner in the space of four days.

The man of God declared that grace is primarily defined in the established parameters of sonship and that we are anointed fruit-bearing sons of God. He also established that the issue of merit and demerit do not occur in the equation of grace. He reminded the saints that Adam’s fall did not change the way that God saw humanity. The man of God also said that it was possible to know grace without knowing grace in truth.

In grace God qualifies us to receive what He qualifies as gift. Grace qualifies you as a recipient so that you can no longer be unworthy. Because of who Jesus is and because of what He has done with you, you deserve to be blessed and to prosper. Grace does not leave us the way we are: grace does not remain foreign to us, it interpenetrates with us and transforms us. Grace which does not transform your life is not the grace of God. Dr. Shawn especially exegeted Paul’s epistles, bringing out five major domains where we the expressions of grace applicable in the believer’s life: sonship, state, strengthening, stewardship, and service. Grace is inseparable with love.

Prayer Points


  1. Thanking the Father that grace enables us to have that supernatural surplus in all things so that we can contribute to every good work;
  2. Thanking the Father for entrusting us with stewardship which is His power which makes us joyful in giving and sharing our own resources;
  3. Thanking the Father that these are the days of accumulation;
  4. Thanking the Father that He has made us His anointed fruit-bearing sons;


  1. Thanking the Father that no matter what we do or where we go, there is going to be a surplus;
  2. Thanking the Father that this month is going to mark a turn in our lives;
  3. Thanking the Father that the Spirit together with us is a limit breaker and that God has sent such help to us in the ministry of the Holy Spirit;
  4. That grace expressed in our state trains us to live effectively in our representation of Christ;


  1. Thanking the Father that as His sons He has bequeath unto us the highest honour that the Godhead can bequeath upon a man making us the trophies of His grace;
  2. That throughout this month we will magnify God praying in the Holy Ghost giving thanks well and spreading the influence of the blessing and we will benefit of the rest and the refreshing that comes with speaking in tongues;
  3. Thanking the Father for His supernatural surplus in all things;
  4. Thanking the Father for His grace which makes us willing to give ourselves to God, to the Domata and then of our resources;


  1. Thank you Father that the Son in us makes us of the same quality as the Son because we are one with Him;
  2. Thank you Father that grace teaches us how to be effective and productive in whatever station of life we are in, and what to do without having a twisted heart;
  3. Thank you Father that your grace teaches us to deny what is not like you and educates us into simplicity and sincerity;