This month the Holy Spirit will synchronise you with the incorruptible life of Jesus Christ.

But if the Spirit of Him who raised up Jesus from the dead dwells in you, He who raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies by his Spirit who dwells in you.” Romans 8:11 KJV

As the month of greater things gave way to another month, the man of God, Dr Shawn Smith, chose an unusual setting to announce the theme of the month of October: the Cup of Blessing service – the altar table of the Lord; the feast of the triumph of the Son of God.

Presenting one of the mysteries over which the believer is a steward; the Eucharist, the infused bread and the infused fruit of the vine, the man of God reminded the saints that in these elements there is a participation in what they represent, for they are not merely symbols, for they participate in the realities of the body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. The man of God affirmed his belief that the Eucharist is God’s nanotechnology, which upon consumed with the awareness of the mystery of faith, it becomes incorporated into us, incorporating the incorruptible life of the Son of God to refashion and reconfigure the nature of man. The church needs to regain the understanding of the place of the body in the scheme of salvation. The physical body is the vessel into which the incorruptible life of God is incorporated. The resurrection was not merely spiritual.

The man of God reiterated the importance of the human body and its importance as it relates to salvation because salvation has its ultimate expression in corporality. Death is swallowed up in victory and there is a generation who will put death as destroyed under the feet of the body of Christ. Dr. Shawn insisted that he was not referring to the spiritual significance of eternal life, but to the inevitability of eternal life in the body which is immortality. Hence every time the believer partakes of the altar table of the Lord, he is preparing his body for immortality, for in the physicality of the elements we are acknowledging the bodily dimension of salvation. There is a mini-immortality present in the communion, meaning that someone who has acknowledged the mystery of the faith and has partaken in communion in that moment cannot taste death because he has just tasted the life infused into the bread and into the cup which are still circulating within his physical body. This month the Holy Spirit will synchronise you with the incorruptible life of Jesus Christ. This is the month of the Quickening.

Prayer Points


  1. Let us thank the Father that there is a pattern to which every other thing must adjust and that the Holy Spirit will synchronise our mortal bodies by reconstructing, reconfiguring and manufacturing our physical bodies from zoe-life;
  2. Let us thank the Father because we have come to the knowledge that we are the icon of God that is not distorted (I John 3:9) and that we were created and designed for the happiness and joy of the dimension of God;
  3. Giving thanks to the Father for the Gospel which has brought us under the influence of God’s spell; a spell of perpetual joy, peace, unshakable assurance, and stable confidence;
  4. Thanking the Father who revealed Himself in Jesus Christ who was willing to suffer in our place, on our behalf and in our benefit, so that we could know the dimension of His happiness by including us in the shared life of the Godhead;


  1. Thanking the Father that the day Jesus died death died and that He died our death spiritually, soulically and physically;
  2. Thanking the Father that all humanity without exception or exclusion is presently, efficaciously reconciled to God;
  3. Thanking the Father that as we become quickened to the realities of the Gospel, our lives will take on the form of what we believe;


  1. Thanking the Father that when Jesus died, sin, sickness, the curse of the law and death itself died;
  2. Thanking the Father that we have received His life (an elevation life) which can no longer be earth-bound and that can no more be pulled down;
  3. Thanking the Father that what happened to Christ happened to us: when He was crucified we were crucified, when He died we died, when He was buried we were buried, when He was quickened we were quickened, when He was raised we were raised, when He sat down in that up-life we sat down and were enthroned together with Him;


  1. Thanking the Father for the bond of reciprocity in the Holy Spirit which we have received: whatever is happening in the Father the Son knows because He is One with the Spirit and whatever is happening with the Son the Father knows because He is One with the Spirit. And this is the same Spirit which we have received. So whatever is happening in the Godhead, through the Holy Spirit we are synchronised with it;
  2. Let us thank the Father that since it is the same Spirit that raised up Jesus from the dead who dwells in our mortal bodies, He shall also synchronise our bodies with the One with whom we are in union. The Holy Spirit is currently updating and synchronising us with Jesus and the properties that are in Christ are given from Christ to us through the Holy Spirit, exchanging our character, appetites and desires with that of Jesus;
  3. Thanking the Father that the resurrection of Jesus is the definition of God’s conclusion in every matter about us;