“Manifested Sonship”

Then Jesus answered and said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, The Son can do nothing of himself, but what he sees the Father do: for whatsoever things He does, these also does the Son likewise. For the Father loves the Son, and shows Him all things that Himself does: and he will show Him greater works than these, that you may marvel.” John 5:19-20 KJV

We are just coming from a five days long second Sonship summit entitled; “Manifested Sonship”, in which the Father announced to us that what we are (our sonship) will be made evident to us and to the world. The world will see what Jesus Christ is like before He appears because He will first appear in His church (2 Thessalonians 1:10). The Father revealed to us that the nature of the son is in no way substandard or inferior to that of the Father and that we have been given compatibility with God. He explained two aspects of adoption: inclusion into His family and being raised to stature. Being raised speaks of being brought to the quality of maturity that pertains to Jesus Christ: rendered evident that we are the sons of God. There’s a final harvest that is going to precede the glorious appearing.

The Father revealed to us that the Holy Spirit is not just the Spirit of wisdom and revelation who reveals to us our identity in Christ as sons, but He is also the Spirit of adoption who leads us into the manifestation of our sonship. He does this as a father will take the hand of a son, not forcefully, but as kins (fondly), as relatives in a familial circle. When God reveals Himself to us, He reveals Himself as family. We are sons and our sonship is enfolded in the relationship between the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

As sons we possess the nature that can see and discern what the Father is doing; to participate in what He is doing. The genealogy that we have received is to be the technology to manifest the intents of God on the Earth, and if we can see what He is doing, then we can participate in what He is doing. Dr Shawn revealed that the secret to participate in what the Father is doing is the simple prayer, “Father, I know that you love me, show me what you are doing. In this present space of time, show me what you are doing, I want to see it Lord”. As the son sees what the Father is doing, the Father shows him all things that He does and He will show him greater things than this that you may marvel. The extent to which we have a nature to nature relationship with the Father is that He can’t do anything without us doing the same thing; the same things which the Father initiates is operated in us: His initiative is the son’s response.

 Prayer Points


  • Let us thank the Father that we are the people who will become substansively aware of their kinship and similitude with the Father to mediate creation with God, so that creation will participate in our sonship;
  • Thanking the Father for the power to be raised unto the maturity of sonship; the ability to carry the Father’s responsibility and for our thoughts to become compatible with the Father’s thoughts;
  • Thanking the Father for the things which we will gladly endure in the school of God to possess the Father’s mind and take all that He is and present it perfectly;
  • Thanking the Father that as we are infused with the mind of the Father, the power of sonship will operate in us, and our appetites will change, we will no longer be dictated by ambition or live for the applause of men;


  • Thanking the Father that we have His genealogy to operate His technology and that the Father is operating through His sons (His other self);
  • Thanking the Father that Jesus Christ has removed the sting of suffering in this present time and that the hardships of life will not cause us to forget who we are;
  • Thanking the Father for the capacity of hope which implies that there is something we desire to see that we have not yet seen, and that Christ in us will be paired up with the hope of His glory and His glory will burst forth in us for the disclosure of all that which is enclosed within us;
  • Thanking the Father that through the dealings of the Spirit of God with us, He will bring forth within us the stature that will meet up with the expectations of creation in an event which will rival the act of creation itself;


  • That as the work force of Heaven, we receive revelation for the redemptive purposes of God and that we will be raised unto maturity and fully equipped to carry out the actual ministry of Jesus Christ;
  • That the church of Jesus Christ everywhere will understand the defined mandate of the Domata offices to equip God’s household for the actual ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ to conduct and carry out the Father-Son administration here on Earth;
  • Thanking the Father that He has prepared us for the things which He has prepared for us;
  • Thanking the Father that because we have come to the realisation that Christ’s completeness is the measure of our stature, we are rising up;


  • Thanking the Father that He can discuss His family business with us because we are no longer underdeveloped and our horizons are not limited by what we consider to be our needs nor are we unable to see beyond the immediate;
  • Thanking the Father for the new world which is waiting to be born as we the Sons of God emerge and separate the cosmos from evil;
  • Thanking the Father that we are brought out of the frustration of doing things that do not have the result of heaven, and brought into the quality of what we produce when we work with the Father;
  • That we will manifest the nature of the son which is dependent on the nature of the Father and responds to His initiative, resting and abiding in what the Father is doing to work together with the Father.


We’re declaring this month ninth month of the year, the month of Greater things. And everything that you have experienced in God up till now, you will see even greater things. And in this ninth month of the year, everything that you have experienced in Christ and everything that you have known in Him, and everything that the Father has enabled you to see up to now and everything that you as the son have done together with the Father and have operated together with Him, the Lord says to you that because He is your Father and because He has brought you into equality and compatibility with Him, even greater things will you see.

In this month as a son of God, even greater things will you see. And they are so great that those who see them will marvel. Even those who do not know your God, even those who do not believe what you believe, even those who stood against you, and who’ve opposed you, beginning from this month, they will see greater things that God is doing in your life. They will see what God is doing in your life and they will marvel.

The Father Himself loves you, and because He is your Father, He has raised you to compatibility with Him, to work together with Him. You are the genealogy of His technology to manifest His mind, His intents in the Earth. And because you can work together with Him, He will show you all things; the things that He is doing, the things that are dear to His heart. The secret intents of His Heart He will show them to you because you are His son, and because of this nature to nature collaboration, His initiatives will respond in you, and because of that He will show you greater things, and you will see them and you will be astonished, and all who look at your life and see these greater things this month, they will also marvel. It is so in Jesus name, Amen.