Experiencing God’s Favour

I write to express the unspeakable joy that I, in particular, and my family in general experience today as a direct result of your ministrations and prophetic declarations. I left Cameroon for Europe in 2017 for further studies. Arriving very late and having already missed a quarter of the entire program of studies, the Grace that works well favoured me to graduate during the normal session in October 2018, even before some students who started on time, with a distinction in Petroleum Geology (MSc.).

In September this year, the Man of God made a call for us to send in our projects. I sent a prayer request specifically for a working internship in Europe after my graduation. But, even before my graduation, I got a contract signed with one of Europe’s finest institutions.

Above all that, As a member of GCMIF, I can say that through your relentless ministrations, my relationship with God only progressed. My health and that of my loved ones have been continuously preserved; my life is wonderfully and continuously being transformed to the extent that even my supervisors, two of them who are atheists, allowed my thesis to acknowledge Christ as Lord and Saviour. They revised it and never deleted the phrase, which is unusual for them to do. They even openly repeatedly said I was “different”. I am sure they meant to say something more than that but never knew how. I thank The Father for giving me such a gift of Drs. Shawn and Annie Smith.

Stephen Ajuaba