Filled Full with the Inner Peace and Joy of the Lord

It is with a heart full of joy that I testify of Christ’s life that is manifested in me every day. I am so happy about the perfect message I receive at Gospel of Christ Ministries. I have learned and I keep learning about what it means to live the oneness we have received in Christ.

Christ our beloved brother, has given us all things. I have understood that the external situations we go through, are not as important as the life of Christ that we carry within us. I am filled with overwhelming inner joy and happiness. Thank You, Lord!

The Man of God has taught us that our attitude towards the circumstances we face are more important than the circumstance itself. As I rest in the peace, the life and love of Christ in me, I am able to choose my moods and feelings. That inner peace is preserved by resting in Christ. I have the ability to choose the emotions that are to reign within me and I have chosen joy. Joy is the serious business of heaven. Thank You, Lord!
I am thankful for the joy, the love, the life and peace that I have received in Christ through the message from the man of God.

Douala- Cameroon.