Freedom from Fear and Offence

I am thanking God for the man, the message and the mandate. The apostolic couple have been such a blessing to us in revealing the mystery of the Gospel to us.

I am also thanking God for preservation upon my family. Fear had taken over my mind after the passing of my mum. It was the worst experience ever and it deviated my mind from the purpose of God. I kept offences against people, against members of my family, and this caused me to be unstable. I couldn’t concentrate anymore on the things of God.

Listening to the man of God’s teaching every day, I just realized I have finally moved on from the terrible experience I encountered. I cannot even explain how.  But right now, I am experiencing the peace of God, no more fear, no more offences; all I feel now is unending joy.

I thanking God for what is happening to the Church through the Man of God. I am just so amazed by the love he is showing to the Church, and how he is enriching the Church with the true Gospel.

Thank you Lord.