Freedom from Religion

My heart is filled with overwhelming gratitude to the Father for a thousand million reasons, which I will summarise in few points. I thank the Father for the Man, the Message and the Mandate. I thank God for His sent ones, Apostles Drs. Shawn and Annie Smith, who are His gift to us. I thank you, Man and Woman of God, for presenting the gospel of Christ, the beauty of His person and the perfection of His works for us, in us, through us and as us, with such clarity and accuracy. I thank you because this message you preach has not only established me in the Faith, but it has also transformed my life completely. I now know my identity in Christ, my Christo genesis, my position, my standing and my status in Christ by virtue of my adoption in the Son and my union and oneness with Christ in God.

This message of Christ has taken me away from the darkness of religion, its illusion and its confusion, and it has brought me light, rest, life and immortality. I thank God for His faithfulness in your mandate, your life and your family. Through you, I have seen God in men for the first time. I thank God for making us His righteousness and His peace to other men.

I thank God that this year we experience the much more of God, the exceeding riches of His love that surpasses all understanding, His grace that has super abounded and super excelled, that grace which has undone and outdone every trace of everything that came through the fall. I am grateful to God for His power at work in us; His power that recreates, His power that sets in motion, His power that converts opposition into momentum. Abba Father! I thank God for His glory; that accurate view and opinion of the Father about us, what He says we are and we have in Christ. I thank God for His generosity, the fullness of the earth, what He has already supplied for us, our inheritance in Christ.

 I thank God for open doors in other nations for this Gospel, for enlarged jurisdictions this year in this mandate. I thank God for total life transformation that has been progressive and successive as I sit down to learn this Gospel and unlearn everything that I had known of God and myself in my former conversation. I have learnt to lose my self-righteousness to gain the excellency of the knowledge of Christ. This has redefined my “I” principle and now, I have a true ‘selfie’ of myself — Christ.

I thank God for the joy of the Gospel, for infallible and unspeakable joy that has taken hold of me. This gospel of Christ has not only brought joy to me, but also rest to my soul, peace in my life, preservation, assurance and security. Knowing that I am preserved blameless and secured in Christ has brought me to a state of rest, which God had foreordained for me. In the midst of adverse circumstances and situations, I know I have not received the spirit of bondage to fear again but the spirit of adoption by which I cry Abba, Father! I am so hidden in Christ that even if something was to harm me, it has to pass through the Father, and then get to Christ before getting to me which is virtually impossible.

Again, I thank God for health renewed in Christ daily. He has taken me from divine health to the state of divine life and immortality which I enjoy every day. Knowing that I am a part of a generation that will not die has been amazing. The Father graced me with grace, blessed me with the blessing of all the blessings, even before the foundation of the world. I thank God for the rebirth of my genes, of every cell of my body, every DNA strand of my body.

Finally, I thank God for the prophetic declarations of His son, Dr. Shawn Smith, every month. It has had such a remarkable impact in my life that words cannot describe. Such a tangible effect of this gospel! The Man of God declared Opportune Help and help came to me from all angles, job opportunities here and there and they keep coming. I thank God for His love and generosity. For His perfect plan which is working perfectly and of which I am privileged to participate.