Fully alive In Christ

There is joy in living when life goes through its rightful purpose.
I would like to thank the man and the woman of God for the life transforming message they dispense, which is the Gospel, with excellence and clarity.
Back in religion, I had an erroneous belief about my purpose as a Christian. I thought the Christian purpose was to obey a set of rules so as to impress God and negotiate a good place in heaven after my death on earth. Everything I did was with the intention of getting a reward.  I lived in constraints and fear, trying to obey every single Mosaic law in order not to face God’s wrath. This made me conclude that life is a battle.
In January 2018, I heard the man of God Dr. Shawn Smith preach for the first time during the School of Global Missions. He shared some revelations that blew my mind. When I heard him say “God was in Christ reconciling the whole world unto himself, not imputing their trespasses against them…”, wow, I was flabbergasted. Never have I heard such thing before and these words brought life in all the cells of my body. I felt a great weight go off my shoulders. It was so good to know that we are so loved by the Father that He erased every handwriting of ordinances against us and made us sons worthy to be ambassadors, to represent Him in full capacity in this cosmos and to rule over creation. I couldn’t believe my ears. From that moment, I saw myself differently, and my perception of things changed. These words brought life to me and for the first time I could testify with my spirit that I am fully alive. This encounter transformed my life forever.
I am so grateful to God for opening my eyes to this truth; the Gospel of life.
Thank you Drs. Shawn and Annie Smith for bringing the gospel to us with so much clarity.
Douala- Cameroon