Abba, Father

With only three Biblical references (Matthew 14:36, Romans 8:15-16, Galatians 4:6), the expression, “Abba, Father” is unique to the Pauline corpus and encapsulates the Father-Son relationship as taught and expounded by Dr. Shawn Smith. “Abba” is Aramaic for father, infinitely deeper than the English word “daddy”.

It refers to the truth that the Spirit of Adoption (the Holy Spirit) has come to reveal to the believer in Christ that we have received the same quality of sonship as Jesus Christ Himself. Our sonship is enfolded in His sonship: we are sons in the Son.

During services at Gospel of Christ Ministries, you will not miss to hear faithfuls cry out, “Abba, Father” as Dr. Shawn Smith, or any of the ministers that he has raised in the Gospel of grace and peace, ministers the revelation of our filiation with the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.



Adelphos is the Greek word for brethren. As used in the New Testament canon, especially in the Pauline corpus, the word literally means, “my brother of the same bosom”. In Paul’s epistle to the Hebrews 2:11, he writes that, “Jesus Christ our sanctifying High Priest is not ashamed to call us His Adelphos (brethren).” We share the same origin and we are of the same stock as Him that is why He does not shrink back to call us His very own brothers.

This revelation proclaimed and explained by Dr. Shawn Smith has operated a paradigm shift among the faithfuls in Gospel of Christ Ministries, building unusually strong bonds between them and saturating the atmosphere with the love of God. “Adelphos” has become the manner by which Christians at Gospel of Christ Ministries sincerely address each other when they meet. It is an affirmation of their identical spiritual origin and allegiance to the gospel of grace and peace: Jesus Christ + 0 = Everything. In the words of Dr. Shawn Smith, Gospel of Christ Ministries is a church of brotherly love.


We Believe in Your Destiny

“We believe in your destiny” is the distinctive slogan associated with Gospel of Christ Ministries. According to Dr. Shawn Smith, destiny is not a place or something; it is a person called Jesus Christ. Destiny flows from identity. In his book, “The New Man In Christ”, Dr. Shawn explains that the believer has received a new identity and shares the personal destiny of Jesus Christ. This identity is so radically different from what the believer previously thought of themselves that only the Holy Spirit can reveal it to them. Elaborating on the phrase once, the Man of God explained that saying “We believe in your destiny” is saying “We believe you are becoming outwardly who you are inwardly in Christ.”


I Honour the Christ in You

“I honour the Christ in you” is the royal salutation exchanged amongst the faithfuls of Gospel of Christ Ministries to testify of our grace commission in 2 Corinthians 5:14-21; described by Dr. Shawn Smith as Paul’s pneuma concept whereby we do not know Christ after the flesh nor any man, not even ourselves; the value of every man is Christ Himself. Dr Shawn Smith once revealed that the only basis of unity in the Ekklesia of Christ is to honour the Christ in each other.

Before commencing every service at Gospel of Christ Ministries, the Man and Woman of God always ask a favour from the congregation, to turn around, greet as many people as possible with the royal salutation, “I honour the Christ in you.” The Gospel of Christ Ministries signature salutation was personally coined by Dr. Shawn Smith more than a decade ago when he perceived the “In Christ” revelation.