Growing in the Full Understanding

I would like to say thank you for the period of fasting, as well as the blessed Easter moment.

We can testify of the power of the Lord’s preservation and the renewal of compassion in our hearts toward the whole world. Also, I had many opportunities to share the Gospel with Christians who were living in an illusion of separation from God. The fact that we have the right and accurate perception of God gives us the zeal and the assurance to share the good and joyous news.

Through the messages of the Man of God, we have realized how important and capital it is to understand the work of the Cross. Without that comprehension, we would see God as an entity, thirsty for blood and revenge, constantly wrathful. An erroneous view of God affects the way we act and perceive the world around us.

The Father is not guilty of infanticide, but He offered Himself in His Son in selfless, sacrificial love for all humanity. The Son did not just die for us, but also as us! This glorious message is so often misinterpreted! Thank you for making us grow in the full understanding that Christ came to give us.


Pastor Kitamball