Healed and Restored by the Word of God

I experienced uncertainty in my professional life for a while. During the same period, my sister’s health was challenged. On the second day of the Mothers of Nations webinar, the Woman of God shared a verse which said God created all things for His good pleasure and His transforming work in our lives is to reveal His character and who He is.

That verse comforted me, brought peace and assurance. She further explained that the Spirit will strengthen us mightily and that, it will not be by our own efforts but by the Spirit in us. Those words resounded in my soul and brought healing to my inner man. Through those words, I acknowledged that my sister was healed, for I understood that the good pleasure of God includes our health, wellbeing, and assurance in Him even in the domain of employment. I now know that God wants me to be satisfied in Him, in my job, and in all things.