Health Renewed in Christ and Total Life Transformation

Charis Shalom Apostles Drs Shawn and Annie Smith. I honour the glorious Christ in you. Words alone cannot express my gratitude to you for engendering us in this Gospel of Life that sustains and preserves us. Thank you for diligently taking the pains to feed, equip and train us during the lockdown period. My heart is filled with overwhelming gratitude to the Father for a million reasons but I will only mention a few.

I thank the Father for health renewed in Christ and for wholeness, spirit, soul and body. In the month of May 2020, my mum, aunt and I got affected by the virus. It was quite a challenging time for us. We experienced the power of an endless life at work in us. In all things we had the Father’s endorsement, that there is no fear here, as declared by the Man of God, and all we had to do was to rest in His love for us, while we took our medication.

I thank Dr Shawn Smith for feeding us with the Gospel especially during the pandemic, which brought assurance and quieted our minds irrespective of the circumstances we were going through. I remember that in that same month, we took part in a beautiful webinar with Dr. Annie Smith under the theme: “Experiencing the Power of an Endless Life”. Thank you for consistently reminding us that we have been made the incorruptible seed of God. I learned that the same Spirit that made Jesus Christ the priest of an endless life, that same Spirit who quickened and raised Him up from the dead, that same Spirit who brings us to the experience of the Father-Son relationship, is in me. That same consummate power is at work in me. Glory! By virtue of my association with our parents in the Lord and to this Gospel, there was no way we could die. This too had to pass away and it did pass away. I thank God for the brethren of the Church in the Home (CitH) in Makepe, for their unending care, prayers and gifts of love for my family and me during those trying moments. They stood in the stead of the Man and Woman pf God, and showed me the meaning of living in communion and community as the household of faith.

I also thank the Father for His glorious generosity, which is limitless, and for His logistic grace for us during the lock down period. We received opportune help from people that could only have been sent by God. I now have the assurance, confidence and boldness to say that the Father cares about every little detail that concerns His children and He has us covered. He is a good Father; He causes the rain to fall on everyone and He is extravagantly generous.

Even before there was a need, He took care of it. I experienced his divine providence this year more than ever before, even as my consciousness of God being my ABBA DEAR FATHER became elevated. I began to acknowledge that I had the Father’s endorsement as His beloved daughter in whom He is well pleased, and as such, I won’t allow anything to distract me from my identity in Christ. I now know I have been anointed and sealed by the same Spirit who was in Jesus Christ, who has come to educate me on how to see through the eyes of Jesus and to perceive myself and others as revealed in Him. Since the 2020 Sonship Summit, things have never been the same again. For this, Man of God, I am grateful.

 Thank you for extending to us the privilege to serve and reach out to people. I could perceive the great open door for effectual service, as together as a CitH were sent out on an evangelical outreach to herald the Gospel of God’s unconditional and limitless love for all mankind by sharing the tract, “When Love Loves You”, and the book “Jesus Christ + 0 = Everything”. The message in the tract ministered to me while we reached out to the people. To know that love is God’s nature and essence, not an attribute of His, and that love loved us into being, has been mind-blowing. I got to understand the dimensions of God’s love: the height, width, depth and length. Knowing that there is nothing that I can do to make God love me more or less is amazing. The Father opened the hearts of the people we met who received the Gospel, the too-good-to-be-true news and they were so delighted to receive the gift from the Sent Ones. This has been a great and strategic open door for us from the Father Himself.

Testimonies keep abounding from this men and women we encountered. I thank God for those He is preparing for us to meet. I thank Him for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus, the assurance of understanding of who we have been made in Christ by virtue of our union, oneness, identification and participation in Christ. This year, more than ever before, I have grown in the understanding of this in-Christ revelation as expounded by Dr. Shawn Smith. I now know I have answered prayers guaranteed in Christ.

I thank God for the Spirit of wisdom and revelation in the intimate knowledge of Him. The eyes of my understanding are being enlightened that I may know what is the hope of His calling and what is the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints and what is the exceeding greatness of His consummate power. I thank God for the Man, the Message and the Mandate. I thank Him for total life transformation.


Douala – Cameroon