Thanking God for open doors of the Gospel

I met someone some years ago who is a traditionalist and he did not want to hear anything about Christianity, church, or prayer. During this period, the Man of God encouraged us to share the book Jesus Christ + Nothing = Everything and there has been several posts on the Ministry’s social media platforms.

At a certain point in time, I wanted to share the book “Jesus Christ + Nothing = Everything” with this man but I was hesitant due to his disposition. I went ahead to share the book with him, however, and to my surprise, he appreciated me for sharing with him. I, therefore, shared several other posts with him.

Before he would not even bother to go through the material but now he went through it.
He has come to realize that it has been God preserving him all through his life. I am grateful for the open doors of ministration in the gospel, following the words of the Man of God when He said, “Doors are open”.