I’m Saved…Not Trying to Be

I want to thank God for the privilege to be a partaker of this mandate. For the past 7 months, God has given me the opportunity to sit under the teachings of apostles Drs. Shawn and Annie Smith. My life will never be the same again. My mind is being renewed by this gospel each day through their books, CDs and above all through live services. This is awesome!

I have once been a victim of religion, being persuaded that I was a sinner that needed to work out my salvation. But, through the teachings that I have been receiving from Gospel of Christ Ministries, I have come to the understanding that I am not and have never been a sinner trying to be saved but that I am born of God, I originate from heaven. Abba Father! It is so great to know how much I am loved every day by my heavenly Father. Man and Woman of God, you are really a blessing to me, to my family and the world at large. I bless God for you.

I thank God for apostle Dr. Annie Smith whose teachings have greatly changed my thinking. I now relate differently and better with others.

Above all, this gospel is making me grow younger and younger every day.

I thank God for this mandate that has been commissioned to Dr. Shawn Smith; I thank God for his training and for raising New Testament Ministers to minister the gospel of grace with grace. I am glad to be one of the people to whom this gospel is being preached. If I am a part of this household of faith today, it is thanks to one of these ministers that he raised who ministered to me this gospel of grace. I thank God for blessing me with wonderful parents in the Lord. I will forever be grateful for this.