Experiencing the Love and the Grace of God

I am so grateful to God for the teaching I heard the first day I came to this ministry. It had as theme “The Power of God at Work in Us. I learned that we are united with Christ in God. I was captivated by those words. Daily, I am motivated to study the epistles of Paul because of the consistence and clarity with which the Man of God Dr. Shawn Smith presents them to us.

 Now, I have grown in the understanding of Christ and His faith in me and I am experiencing the love and the grace of God in an unexpected dimension. I am enriched in every domain of my life: spiritually, professionally, in my family and also financially. Most especially, with joy in my heart, I participate in the advancement of the gospel, something I could not do before.

I thank God for all that I have received in Christ through the Gospel. I am honored to be part of this mandate. I want to thank Drs. Shawn and Annie Smith for the consistent and effective manner in which they devote themselves to minister to us the authentic Message with passion, seeking not to please men but God. Amen.

MENYE François

Douala – Cameroon