Infallible proof: Healed from Skin Infection

I want to give thanks to the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ for the multiple expressions of the evidence of Christ’s victory on the cross in our lives. I thank God especially for Drs. Shawn and Annie Smith, who are God’s gift to us.

It is a tremendous privilege to be under this jurisdiction, which I call the “jurisdiction of full transformation”. Through the teachings of the man and woman of God, I experienced unparalleled realities in my health. The most recent of them was the supernatural healing that I experienced on February 7, 2021.

For almost two years now, I had a skin infection which manifested itself with pimples on my stomach, which regularly caused internal pain. After meeting people who were diagnosed with appendicitis, I became worried although I rejected the idea of being diagnosed with the same disease. The pain got worse but I didn’t give in to panic, because I chose to rely on the truth that Christ lives in me.

The Man of God introduced a teaching on the Ancient Apostolic Vision of Salvation. He started with a question, “What do you need to confirm that God has called you?”. This led me into deep reflections. I began to perceive that there might be realities inside of me I know nothing about. He continued teaching and said that the apostles understood salvation as the deification of mankind. That Christ, in assuming our humanity, brought compatibility between God and Man. He explained “soteria” as a therapeutic institution, referring to something that has been healed and is now free from corruption. I was so amazed by these words. Then the Woman of God gave several words of knowledge among which was the skin infection I was suffering from. The Man of God laid hands on me thereafter. I felt deeply relieved and ever since the infection has completely disappeared.

I do not know how to express my gratitude to Their Excellences, Pr. Shawn and Dr. Annie Smith for the perfect work that the Father has accomplished in our lives through them. I experienced wholeness I never thought of. Thank you so much Father.


Freed, Douala-Cameroon.