Secured and Complete in Christ

I came in contact with Gospel of Christ Ministries through its radio channel. One evening, I decided to visit the church. The first thing which struck my attention was the kind of songs they sang and what was preached. It wasn’t the same like what I used to hear in my formal church. I kept coming in hiding from 2012- 2013, but I later stopped coming. In October 2016 I got confused with the messages I was preaching and what I was taught in my former background.  I had to take time off in prayer, asking God for direction. Then, the Lord directed me back to Gospel of Christ Ministries. From that day, I became consistent in attending services. I no longer came in hiding.

Today, I no longer struggle for my salvation because I am sure that I have complete and eternal salvation in Christ. I know I am secured and complete in Him, unlike before when I used to think I was not worthy even to partake of the communion. I used to examine myself in terms of me; but today, I can boldly examine myself in terms of Christ because I have been taught and enlightened by the Man and Woman of God. Now, I see myself perfect as a perfect man in Christ; I see myself as Christ sees me.

I have equally been blessed by the teaching of the Woman of God on ‘Open Perception’, in which she said, ‘What you give your mind to automatically affects you’. These words have brought great transformation in my mind. Now I know that as a son, I have to select the kind of information I receive in my heart. 

I am so full of joy for coming in contact with this ministry. Drs. Shawn and Annie Smith are special blessings to me. I am so blessed in a way that words cannot express. From the bottom of my heart I want to say thank you.


Douala- Cameroon

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