Infallible Proofs: Health renewed in Christ

Charis Shalom Beloved in Christ

I am so grateful for the teaching under the theme “Joy in God”. I have learned that I do not have to wait for a command to rejoice. I rejoice in God because He has made me one with Him; He has swallowed my old self and given me His own life. I do not have to suffer anything from the fall for Christ swallowed it all up.

Before, I have been used to accepting and accommodated every symptom which affected my body. By the renewal of my mind through this Gospel, I now do not accept or use anything contrary to my nature in Christ as a pretext.

I recently was feeling unwell and could not stand.  Then, I remembered the teaching Dr. Shawn Smith once gave on: “Health Renewed in Christ” in which he said “we are saved from sickness”. I started declaring those words to myself. I declared on my union and wholeness in Christ. Immediately, I started regaining strength. On reaching home, with the symptoms still visible in my body, I started laughing in the spirit and confessing that the symptoms could not have any hold on me. Today, I am completely healed and I have decided I will never accept nor accommodate anything which is contrary to my nature in Christ. If this had happened when I was still under religion, I would have just said: “C’est le palu” (it’s just malaria). “. But I decided that from this year onward, I will no more suffer from malaria and it has been my experience.

I want to thank the Man and Woman of God for this Gospel which has not just brought healing in my body but has renewed my mind. Now I am conscious of my salvation through my union with Christ, which is my daily experience. 

Mylène MBOCK

GCM Cameroon

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