Infallible Proofs: Living in a New World Altogether

I honour the Christ in the apostolic couple and all the members of the household. I would like to thank God for making me a part of this mandate, which is after the pattern according the mystery revealed to the Apostle Paul.

Before my notion of God, my fellowship with Him was this distant relationship; I knew I had to earn everything by my works. Although I had a mild notion of the grace of God, I had always been asking the Lord to help me locate an assembly where I could worship Him with clarity. I was fed up with and stopped attending churches with comingled teachings.

I finally got to know about GCM (Gospel of Christ Ministries) through the radio in 2015 and since that moment, there has been this paradigm shift in my understanding of the love of God. It has been so liberating for me and in my family. Having this sense of assurance and strength in the Lord is the ultimate fulfillment; it is a liberating secret.

The teachings about the fellowship of this mystery, to know about our union with Christ and oneness with God, changed the way I view the world. To know that one has been made by Grace what Christ is by nature changes everything and now we are living in a new world altogether, unprecedented, in which the cosmic Christ permeates all things.

I would like to conclude by saying that among the other wonderful statements which used at GCM, that which has and will always mark me is the statement “I honour the Christ you”; to see oneself or a fellow brother in the faith as God working with God. I believe that when we would begin to scratch the weight and implication of this phrase, our life experiences on earth as a result of the consciousness of these in-Christ realities will tremendously be transformed.


Donald Njila

Douala, Cameroon