Infallible Proofs: Professional Promotion

Charis Shalom Beloved in Christ.

As Dr. Shawn Smith often say, “Joy is a serious business in heaven.” I thank the Lord for His grace. I have been employed for five years at a hospital center in Quebec City, Canada as a laboratory technician. I applied for the position of Technical Coordinator in a Blood Collection Center. Despite all my preparation, I was not selected due to lack of experience in this field. Nonetheless, I had absolute peace and an unshakeable joy in me.

Having kept this feeling, I resolved to fix my eyes on who I am in Christ, rather than evaluate my success on external appearances. I reminded myself that I am submitted to the vision of the apostolate for this year, “huperballo” – over, above and beyond, always above all, surpassing everything in all areas of this life. This is my position in Christ.

On Wednesday April 18, it was announced to me that the person who was initially employed for this position declined the responsibility bestowed on him and the position was immediately given to me by right. Today, I am the new coordinator of a blood collection center in one of the hospitals in my city. During the same period, my wife and I became owners of an apartment against all odds, as our purchase offer was inferior in comparison to the market price.

I give thanks to the Lord for the Apostles Drs. Shawn and Annie Smith, who give us so much clarity and direction in God’s plan. They reassure us on who we are in Christ and the glory that we share with the Son of God.

Kitamball MAFU

 Quebec City, Canada

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