The infallible Joy of being in Christ

Charis shalom,

The unveiling of the Gospel, the mystery of the incarnation of Christ and its repercussions sets every believer on his feet and on course for the continuous furtherance of the Gospel truth. All thanks to the explosive and revelatory teachings of our parents in the faith, Drs. Shawn and Annie Smith, I have come to the full realization of the service I have been called to render in the advancement of this Gospel.

By the special grace of God upon Drs Shawn and Annie Smith, through their teachings, I have been able to minister to the members of my family who were sceptical about the church that I attend. After the just concluded School of Missions, for the first time, my entire family came to fellowship at Gospel of Christ Ministries. After listening to the man of God, Dr. Shawn Smith, upon reaching home, they told me they have found their church and all gave praise reports about the message.

Inspired by the teachings of Drs. Shawn and Annie Smith on the infallible love of God, I have ministered to my parents who were always at loggerheads and for the first time in a long while we have begun experiencing the strong bond of family we once shared. I have also been able to express the love of Christ through sharing and helping those in need around my vicinity. Through various social media platforms, I have been able to spread the Good News of salvation to friends and mates as well.

I just want to give glory to God for the Gospel of our salvation and for all that we are to accomplish in the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.