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I would like to use this opportunity to thank the man of God. This is really the year of the most excellent; my mind is being transformed into the things of God. After the seminar on “The Surpassing Glory”, and after you had taught about us being indwelled by God, I began asking myself questions such as “who is God” and “who is man?”. In my search, I focused on the authority and neglected the part of who man is not.  

During the session on “EIKON“, you provided answers to the question, who is man? You explained and gave some examples of the false identity man tends to portray, the “I, Me and Myself” – the attributes or mindset that I realized we indeed possess and it can be seen in our studies at school, at home, at our jobsite, etc. (envy, comparison, selfishness etc.). I came to understand the reason why there is abuse of power in the world, because we don’t know who man is as the image of the Image. I just want to use this opportunity to request for prayers that I may behold Christ in this body and come to know and understand the One (GOD) who indwells this body. Thank you for opening my eyes to see myself in the context of Christ. A Big Thank You.


Queenta N.


First of all I want to honor the Christ in you and I bless Him for revealing Himself unto you and giving you the grace to present Him to his people with clarity and simplicity. The message on the Eikon of God was a direct revelation of God Himself in us during these times. God making man in his own image and likeness and breathing in him His breath, giving him dominion, power and authority over the cosmos is a powerful message that I will forever be conscious of. 

The part that ministered to me and changed my perception of me and the world was when you said “creation responds to the same voice that created it”. That is a very powerful statement. Since God made us in His image and breathed in us His breath and we are a representation of Him here on earth, it means we (I) can speak forth and call those things in my life that are not yet in existence and they will come forth. 


Also, in reading your book “Experiencing the Powers of the Age to Come“, I learned and now have a greater understanding of the fact that God wants us to open our mouths and speak in order to create our own world because He has endowed us with that ability. He also wants us to see ourselves through the same eyes in which He sees and considers us. This is scandalously wonderful! I walk in this truth about me and God from this day on and forever. 

I pray this message sinks and remains in the spirits of men and mine most importantly as I meditate on it daily especially in times when adversity would want to make me believe the contrary. I can’t thank God enough for using you to share this great knowledge with your sons this day. May He continue to fill you with the knowledge of Himself and wisdom and PATIENCE towards your congregation as we grasp the message and are transformed gradually. 

May the good Lord continue to bless you and your generations. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 


Olenge E.

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