Irrefutable Evidences (Confession of Faith)

“I am in Christ, Christ resides in me. Today, I stand in His victory, in His resurrection power. Right now, I acknowledge every benefit, every advantage, and every good thing which is in me because it is in Him.

I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. Unto me the Father shall not impute sin. I declare that by the one offering of the body of Jesus Christ, I have been reconciled to God; I have been perfected forever, sanctified for all time and eternity.
I am birthed into the family of God, with Christ as my one and only nature. I am delivered daily from the effect of death by Christ and His Life that has secured salvation in me.

I declare that I  have been given the full rights and privileges of sonship.  The same position of Christ Jesus has been given to me. All that is His as the Son of God, has been shared in common with me.  His Father, His authority, His anointing in the Spirit, the powers of His resurrection, even His Lordship has been shared with me.
I take advantage of all that He has given. I proclaim that I have been made an heir of this world, the planet, its system, its resources, and influence over its inhabitants. 

I have authority; I have been given the right to exercise miracle working power in this world.
I stand in Christ’s place as an ambassador, announcing the ministry of reconciliation: that God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto Himself, not imputing their trespasses against them.
I am the manifestation of Christ in the earth. As Christ said, “He who has seen me, has seen the Father”, he who has seen me, has seen Christ in my flesh, in my bone.

Jesus Christ lives in me, and I announce that His Life is manifested with  irrefutable evidences in my whole spirit, my whole soul and my whole body.

I declare what I have; I am the Son of God, I lack nothing, I have no unmet needs, for I am sealed with the Spirit, with an indelible mark that cannot be erased.
Today, I acknowledge the Gospel that Jesus revealed, by which He abolished sin, abolished death and brought life and immortality to light. I have been raised with Him beyond the range of death. He came and He destroyed, completely dissolved all the works of the fall.

I declare that I am blessed with all blessings. I am blessed beyond the curse. Every trace of the fall cannot be found in me because I am in Christ; I have put on His identity, His powers are at work in me, and that is why I lay hold of Eternal Life here and now. I make use of it, I seize it and it is seen in me with irrefutable evidences. As a son in Christ, I profess today; Amen.”

The rest of the year is for us a time of irrefutable evidences!