Job Recruitment Thanks to the Declaration of the Woman of God

I am thankful to God and full of joy for all that He has done in my life since I joined Gospel of Christ Ministries.

A few weeks ago, during Christ Life Studies, the woman of God spoke about procrastination. She said that we are to live in the now; she laid her hands on the congregation. When it was my turn, she made some declarations about an employment.


A few weeks before that, someone had intended to offer me a job but I had taken it lightly. After receiving the laying on of hands, I paid attention to that opportunity and understood at that time that the Lord was confirming the word of the woman of God. I was offered an opportunity to manage the stocks throughout the national territory on behalf of that company, with a huge turnover. Although I was astonished, I kept an attitude of assurance, acknowledging the authority of the word I had received. I was immediately promoted and given the responsibility of supervising the rest of the staff in these stores.


I give thanks to God not only for this job opportunity, but also for the position I hold in this company. I am speechless in the face of the greatness of God, and I rely on the Lord for His wisdom, intelligence and authority to accomplish the task.


I am grateful to the Lord and I thank Drs. Shawn and Annie Smith for their love. Thank you for everything you do for us. Thank you for who you are to us. I honor the Christ in you.


Thank you Lord Jesus.



Douala, Cameroon