Knowing the Perfect Love of the Father

“I am beyond blessed by the teachings from Gospel of Christ Ministries.

The very first teaching I heard from the Man of God is “Father-Son Relationship.” Before I listened to this message, I never knew God as my Father. I never knew His perfect love and care for me. I never knew I was that close to Him. I am really blessed to know He is everything I need and He has already provided everything for my wellbeing — that is His perfect will. I find it easy now to love and forgive.

I can take serious decisions concerning myself, for I can now hear from God. Fear and worries are no more what I rely on while facing circumstances. I now pray and read The Word every day, for I find it so sweet to be in His holy presence. I thank God for you, Drs Shawn Annie Smith. Thank you for keeping on telling the truth.”

Mylene – Cameroon

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