Infallible Proofs | A Paradigm Shift: “Knowing The Truth Is Deliverance”

Charis Shalom Beloved in Christ

The teachings on the website have transformed my mind. They are like a mirror to me, exposing to me how I had been under religion and how I am to walk in the new man now. Thanks to the teaching, ‘Learning to know Yourself’, I now realize who I am in Christ. This has awakened my mind to who I am in Christ. I never saw Jesus Christ like I do now. I now know that in me Christ lives and I’m one with Him, seated with Him.

The teaching on the Science of Our Emancipation blew me away. I realized that I was never in the state of Adam and that I’m a new creation, not according to my previous life, but new in Christ. The Adamic nature was abolished. I also learned how to live without sin consciousness. I used to be deeply engrossed into the dos and don’ts culture. Now, I’m liberated from all that. Glory to God! I was a victim of believing that I had to suffer because I had a special calling, and that it was the will of God. But the teaching, ‘Why Christians Suffer’ has changed my perception. I now know chastisement is unlearning the wrong doctrines and learning the true teachings of Christ. I have realized that knowing the truth is deliverance.

The books JESUS CHRIST+0 = EVERYTHING and REALMS OF PROPHECY have changed my way of thinking. I’m grateful to God for these teachings. I share them with others as well because many people are living in bondage, as I used to. I was a preacher of “Repent!” and “Jesus is coming soon; where will you be if you die now?” But now, I preach the Grace of God and I now lead people into the understanding of who they are in Christ.

I am so grateful to God for these teachings. They are a fragrance and medicine to me. The Holy Spirit has radically changed my mind by the renewal of the spirit of my mind. Thank you Father!