Living in Total Liberty

I have no words to appreciate the Father for Drs. Shawn and Annie Smith for transforming my life. I have been completely transformed; I am more confident now, bold and even physically stronger now.

I received Christ as my one and only life in 2005 in the United Kingdom. In 2012, I came back to Cameroon and settled in Buea. There, I moved from church to church. I became rather exposed to religion. The result was fear, intimidation, doubt, and stagnation. My heart was hungry for the truth and spiritual guidance. I wanted to be taught and equipped as a workman that will not be ashamed.

In 2016, a member of Gospel of Christ Ministries invited me to CHRIST COMMISSION INTERNATIONAL (CCI). I am so grateful; my eyes began to open up to the truth, my heart bearing witness to all I heard. Now, I understand my inseparable union and oneness with God my Father.

The Man of God’s book titled “FATHERED BY GOD” particularly revolutionized my thinking. I also enrolled into THEOSIS INSTITUTE. The peak of it was during the CCI in Yaoundé, where Dr. Shawn Smith taught about the “genesis before the book of Genesis”, the life that precedes Adam. He told us that we were included in Christ before temporarily being lost in Adam. That, to me, was the beginning of a new journey in Christ. It has been an experience of transformation. The last months have been powerful; a lot has changed in me; fear has left me. I am bold to embrace my future; I am no longer intimidated, my assignment is becoming clearer, I am getting stronger in my inner man. Now, I understand that I am a son that is loved and accepted.

Dr. Annie Smith’s book titled “HOMOLEGEO (Confession)” has also been a very effective prayer companion book to me. I am simply free; I live in total liberty because I understand my Christogenesis. I am learning through the Christ Life Studies how to walk in liberty. It’s changing my world. The community projects I run have taken a new turn; I am becoming more and more effective. So much is changing in me as I become aware of my real identity and the things around me are beginning to take shape. I am eternally grateful for this opportunity to encounter and sit under this mandate.

Thank you so much, Man and Woman of God, for your dedication and consecration to this call. Multitudes are being transformed daily and I am one of them.


Buea, Cameroon