Living the Perfect Life Of Christ

I thank God for His love in Drs. Shawn and Annie Smith, by which they raise us. Thanks to this Gospel they preach, I have the peace of God in me, by which I make the choice to rest. I live worry-free – free from anxiety and depression because I know Christ alone.

I sense the peace of God in every single step I take; in every situation I face. I choose to look unto Christ as I have been taught, and I tell myself, “Worry for nothing, Christ assumed it all and He is taking care of you. God Cannot Lie”. I have found security in this Gospel and I am thankful to God for this. I live and breathe His peace. Nothing scares me anymore. Nothing causes me to be in a state of insecurity. Dr. Annie Smith once said, “This Gospel is life; choose live.” I choose to live and I am secured in living this perfect life, unbothered by external things, because they don’t happen for me to notice them! But I assume and acknowledge who I am in Christ, my sonship in Him.

I am also thankful for the manifestation of the shared life of Christ and His divine nature of which I am a partaker. I’d been suffering a particular disease for three years. One day, in the course of his message, the man of God said that Christ has swallowed up every disease and every sickness; that we are living in newness of life. I just took those words and I said to myself, “I am not sick! Nothing is impossible to the Father. I will have my own children and will be fruitful in my future family”. From that moment till now, I have not experienced any of the symptoms of the disease. Everything is now regular. I thank the Father because I am in His Son, participating in His divine nature and living a perfect sonship

B. L.

Yaounde, Cameroon