“Every theologian, reformer or revivalist who has marked church history lit their torch from the flame kindled by Paul.”

Dr. Shawn SMITH

Apostolic Overseers

Unveiling our in-Christ identity

Apostle and Founder

Dr. Shawn SMITH

Dr. Shawn Smith is a duly ordained minister of Jesus Christ who was also elevated to the episcopacy and affirmed to the apostolate. He is the apostolic overseer of Gospel of Christ Ministries. He has been expounding and preaching the untainted grace of our Lord Jesus Christ for close to two decades.

Dr. Annie SMITH

Co-Apostolic Overseer

Dr. Annie SMITH

Rev. Dr. Annie Smith is the Administrator of Gospel of Christ Ministries and superintends the several philanthropic extensions of the ministry such as a New World Altogether (NWA), Institute for Professional Practices (IPP) and African Gospel Association for Prisoners Evangelism (AGAPE).

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Our Branches

Not a Step without His Love

The several branches of Gospel of Christ Ministries are headed by our different branch pastors commissioned by the Apostolic Overseers. They are supported by a plurality of Elders and Deacons. To see into the administration of the Church. These are men and women appointed with the responsibility to shepherd, furnish, build up and prepare believers for the work of ministry.


Location: Quiferou Building, Bonduma Phone: (+237) 679 989 509 / 677 245 749  


Location: M & B Building, Church Street Phone: (+237) 677 245 749 / 675 652 562


Location: Immeuble SBP –  Carrefour Fanta Citron | Mvog-Ada Phone: (+237) 699 834 099 / 674 978 568


Location: MITACCUL Building, SONAC Street Phone: (+237) 679 524 075 / 654 316 596 /  679 862 529