PASCHA 2016: Man 2.0 Re-Experienced

05drshawnsmith-pascha16Pascha 2016 at Gospel of Christ Ministries witnessed the Church of God gathered to receive the revelation of the glorious mystery of Jesus Christ, truly God and truly Man. the Man of God, Dr Shawn Smith, unravelled the mysteries under the theme Man 2.0 – an adjective used to denote a superior version of an original concept; used in reference to the new man, the second man of heaven, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Man is the eternal interest of God and according to the doctrine of election, God has madethe choice, before time began, to not be God apart from man. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit, chose to create a being compatible with their nature and join him to their love and life. This is known as the infallible resolve of God. It is what the God who cannot lie promised before time began.

The Saints were exposed to thetruth about the nature of man, the original concept of man as revealed in the Lord Jesus. The structure of the supreme love of God, which is His true nature, is the blueprint for man’s nature, implying that for man to be who he is in his essential nature, he must be united with other than himself.

The Church was brought to the accurate knowledge of the atonement of Christ. Not that the death of Jesus on the cross was an expression of the wrath of God with Jesus wanting to appease God for the sin of man – a view many have held – but the Lord Jesus took on the likeness of sinful flesh in order to condemn sin in the flesh that He assumed. It was the condemnation of sin in the human nature by Christ assuming the Adamic, sinful flesh. There is a new race on the face of the earth that would transcend the current human experience. It is a race of man defined currently in the Lord Jesus.


The man of God on Easter Sunday announced to the saints that Life was man’s first nature and death was the second. Man became accustomed to know that death stood at the threshold and we have for long done all that we could to keep death away from our door with locks, chains and bolts but the fear of death kept us subject to death.

But Christ comes in our midst and announces to us that the enemy is no longer at the door. When a man dies he leaves his body; but when our Lord rises He only leaves His grave clothes for though sin had made man temporal and mortal — fallen — the God-Man fell into death to grasp the hand of the fallen Adam, to lift him up unto God and now man is made eternal, ever-immortal. Of all miracles, the greatest is the virgin womb that gave birth to Christ the God-Man but it proceeds further with the empty tomb where Christ the God-Man on His own part now gives birth to the new creation.