EPIC 2018 | Fear and Uncertainty Expunged

I am writing to express my joy and gratitude. The EPIC Conference was very insightful and informative. It was my first time at the conference. I have only been reading about EPIC in articles but I finally attended the recent edition with a burning quest in me, which was centered around: What will the future look like?

There have been moments in life as a student that I was so afraid of what lay ahead of me, I needed clarity on my future and consequently I used to allow people make decisions for me.

During the program, when the Man of God was teaching, I could sense love so vividly. He taught on the subject “Selfie”, its importance, the portrait we see of it, our choices and its impact in future, the three selves which had to do with identity, social media.

I held tightly to the truth received during this session. It is so glorious because the fear and uncertainty I used to have has been completely expunged. My assurance was built and my future is now certain. I can never, ever rely on something external to define me. I am twenty-three now and I look forward to the future in CHRIST.

EPIC conference was epic. It was educating. It was fun, colourful and entertaining. Thanks to the instrumentality of the Man of God. Dr. Shawn Smith.

Ngupeng Jack.