The prevalence of God’s grace

I am a pharmaceutical biotechnology student in Switzerland and a member of a non-profit student organisation for the promotion of leadership. I have been privileged to join the church services through the live stream and it is with great joy that I write to you after a wonderful Sunday night live on prophecy and inspired utterances and the word of prophecy that was declared to the church.

I want to thank God for His grace towards me and for the gospel of Christ which is being unveiled through you and which becomes the experiential knowledge of Christ in me. I acknowledge the prevalence of God’s grace, that in the midst of seemingly rare employment opportunities, He will create doors of opportunity for work in a pharmaceutical graduate student position in research and development. I trust that the circumstances of the present will have no effect on the efficiency of His grace, and in the course of this month and the rest of the year, I will fully participate and progress in the plan of God. That I may be efficient in my studies and diligently fulfill the tasks assigned to me in my service to others.

I would also want to express gratitude to you, Dr Shawn and Annie Smith, for your dedication to ministering the gospel for the rising of saints in grace.

Faith Galabe– Switzerland