Resting in the Spoken Word

Charis Shalom Drs. Shawn and Annie Smith.
I thank the Father for His life in us which we experience, which sustains us even from the things we do not see. I thank God for the assurance that the message you preach gives us. It gives us boldness to see things and speak even when things appear to be contrary or disadvantageous.

My elder sister lost her job, just before the quarantine period announced by the Government. It happened during her daughter’s birthday and while people rejoiced, I could see she was not happy. I walked up to her and she explained the situation to me. Out of a state of rest, I told her “it is ok”.

As days went by, we checked on each other but I could sense again that she was stressed and uncertain. During the passion week, the Apostle taught on Divine Conspiracy. I particularly prayed for each of my family members and from that moment. Upon understanding the prophetic utterance of the Man of God, He declared the repositioning of the sons of God, and I had her in mind. I reminded her again that they will call her back because this situation will enlarge the scope of opportunities for her. Today I thank the Father because not only was she given a contract but it is beyond the expectations of her heart.

Man of God, Woman of God, thank you for your commitment in seeing to it that we be a blessing to the people around us. You are the Grace distribution center that makes us partakers and co-distributors of the same. Abba Father. We Love You.