Restoration through the Gospel

I came to Yaoundé to visit my family and to enjoy my leave. Surprisingly, I found several family members gathered at my sister’s house. Most of them were ill while others were convinced they were manifesting the symptoms of COVID-19. By the Spirit of Christ in me, I seized the opportunity to announce the gospel to them through the In-Christ Devotions.

I saw how the Lord gave daily directions through the devotional of the day. The yielding of their hearts including the transformation that followed left me speechless! Their physical health was also restored. One of my sister’s children constantly passed out because she was on drugs without the knowledge of her mother. They thought she was demon-possessed, as some people made them believe. By the grace of God, the In-Christ devotion of May 23rd, 2020 was a rehab on this drug addiction case.

In that meditation, the Man of God said that we need to become more conscious of what we think about because our thoughts determine our emotions, which also determine our actions. Actions will establish practices that will establish character, which will determine our destiny. That day, she understood that to overcome the drug addiction and walk in the destiny which God has prepared for her, she must resist the thoughts that lure her into thinking she must take drugs. She understood that she has to choose what thought to entertain in her mind. Since that day, she has been more serene and different. I give thanks to God who always spreads the fragrance of Christ in all places through us.