Knowing The Joy Of Salvation

I am Eunice Murage, Kenyan by nationality, residing in Dubai. I would love to start with a small story of my life and what God has done.

In 2016 my journey started just here in Dubai. First, I lost my job in 2014 and was surviving with a small business. I don’t know how it happened but God made a way. Since I was freer, I got committed to the service of God in the church I attended. Serving God always gave me a certain joy since I was younger; I feel fulfilled.

But I later started to face many challenges and persecutions that hindered my service. I would cry in my closet wondering why all was happening. Yet, I felt joy in God’s service; even if I only had to clean a chair, I would be the happiest person ever. I didn’t really know much about service to God but I just served because it gave me great joy and satisfaction in my heart.

In my search for where I could be trained and equipped so as to grow and know God more, I came to a church where deep religion is practiced. I thought I had arrived at the right place to hear the Gospel of Christ. So, with zeal, I got engaged in their doctrines and did everything they did because I knew that was the gospel and I even preached it. However, I sensed unfulfilled in my heart. I still felt enslaved, but I had no choice rather than to obey what was programmed in me. I was living in fear. My experience was that of toil, torture and agony. I knew salvation had to be joyful but my experience was sorrow, pain, suffering, slavery, living an empty life and feeling as if you are not in this world, living isolated; everything was a battle.

A friend invited me for CCI Dubai but I was trained not to attend any other meeting because “we do not know which spirit a Man of God carries”. But, when I saw the flyer advert of Dr. Shawn Smith, I didn’t think twice. I had never seen him or even heard of him before. I didn’t even want to check him out online in order to not give myself the room to think twice and not go. Something in my heart communicated peace for me to just attend the program without doubts.

The very day that I stepped in the ministers’ conference, instantly I felt different. In fact, I as there before the service began. Once I heard the Man of God, Dr. Shawn Smith teaching, my eyes, my mind, everything was opened. I felt new suddenly.

On the second day, the Man of God called me out and ministered to me and spoke a word in my life, which has already manifested. He said that I have been given a placement, and he sees intensification of grace upon my life and it is a new dawn in my life.

On the third day, I felt so much of the love of God in my heart. The presence of God was so great that I couldn’t bear but just kneel down and cry tears of joy because I could not explain what I experienced. It was so much love and peace that was not just normal. It was a transformation that was drastically done in my life. This is what I had been searching for everywhere with pain and agony but now God himself has placed me in the right gospel. Since then, my life has completely changed; I am delivered, spiritually, financially physically. I see things different. Now I can read the Bible with understanding; now I have a job; now I walk in peace and share the gospel with joy and happiness. Now, I no longer see demons or have restless nights. I have the peace of Christ thanks to the teachings. Now, I experience the joy of salvation and understand salvation is not about preaching, saying, “If you die right now, where will you go?” as I used to preach.

I’m grateful to God for connecting me to you Drs Shawn and Annie Smith. It is a privilege and I feel honored. Thank you so much for accepting the mandate which God gave to you to save people like me and it is my joy in participating in the furtherance of the gospel of truth for others like me to be rescued from the dangers and snares of religion and wrong doctrines. All the glory and honour to God Almighty!

Eunice Murage

Dubai, UAE