April 30, 2018

Inspired Utterance: The Day of the Son’s dominion

Inspired Utterance: The Day of the Son’s dominion

You have heard of words that have been fulfilled in an age past

Of prophecies that had preceded what has now come;

And it was fulfilled!

Though time passed, lo, it came to pass.

And it was written even as it was spoken,

That, “Unto us a child is born; unto us a son is given

And the government shall be upon His shoulders.

And of the increase of His government, there shall be no end.”


The events which you see in the world are for the unquestionable increase of His dominion.

So, do not let your heart be shaken by news you hear, near or far.

Do not think, by any means, that the sceptre of His righteousness

Has not been extended over the works of His creation.

For there is nothing which escapes His notice;

And there is no detail that is in any wise exempt from His rule.


Do not allow comingled messages to cause you to think

That we are in a day of doom and gloom.

For behold, we are in a day of His grace;

The day when the Father’s love will be revealed beyond what has been known to man.

And yea, walls will crumble down; walls erected by religion.

I speak not of the religions within Christendom, but of the different world religions.

There shall be figures of authority that will begin to see the more perfect way:

The Father’s love revealed in the Man Christ Jesus.


You must have your hearts established in this grace.

For it is not a day to flee away.

It is not the day to say, “Tragedy is on the way”.

But in all things, see the rule of Christ extend.

Do not by any means fear.

No fear to withhold.

No fear to expend.

For behold, this is the day that has been spoken of in ages past;

Already fulfilled in the here and now.


But can you perceive it? Can you see it?

The day of the unquestionable dominion of the Son.

Begin to behold; begin to know

that the shoulders on which the government has been laid is the body, even the Church.

And that government has been shared with the sons of my household.

You stand as kings and priests in the earth to minister.

That is why you have to perceive another day: The Day of the Son’s dominion.

And of the increase of His government, there shall be no end.

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