August 18, 2019

Prophetic Declaration by Dr Shawn SMITH

Prophetic Declaration by Dr Shawn SMITH

“According to my plan I have ordered things that are being open publicly before you; but in private were these things prayed that are coming to pass today. In the secret place, where no one saw, were these things laid out line upon line, but now are explained and publicly published.

There are many whom I have chosen, many whom I have appointed that are being trained and raised, moulded and equipped. Some have been prepared and others not. Some will be used and others not. For I will not strive with the spirit of man,” says the Lord. “I will use a man for my purpose as he has availed himself to me. And this is the day that I am demarcating between darkness and light, between the vessels of honour and the vessels of dishonour.

Those that have not renounced the dishonest things to be faithful stewards over my mystery will I reveal to be partakers of the things I despise. They shall be brought to the open and the whole Church world shall know; even they that profess not my name shall know. For this is the time of manifestation. But it is not only the things of the Spirit that are manifested but the things which you have sown. Whether it be of the flesh unto corruption or unto the Spirit unto Life.

So, I call you all to consecrate your hearts and minds. Let your time, your pursuits and every intent of your heart be aligned with heaven, be aligned with the furtherance of my Gospel, be aligned with making My Son and His work known for the urgency has been laid upon you. You ought to receive My message and carry out My work with urgency,” says the Father.

“It ought not to be at your leisure. It ought not to be at your comfort. For is it not a privilege that I extend to you this task?! Is it not an honour that I would choose you to be a part of this?! So let your hearts and minds be stirred by My Spirit and heed My call. Consecrate yourself for, yes, this is the time of great strategy when darkness is being pushed back. Do not allow the lands and territories gained to be lost again for the darkness will return sevenfold if you do not keep it,” says God.

“You ought to arise and with strategy you will be positioned across the earth and across the lands wherein my Gospel has been preached. Let your hearts be fixed and not in many places. Do not let your minds be dispersed and scattered abroad as though it is not a privilege extended to you. Let it be known to you today that there are great things I have in store but many will miss. For have I not written to you in Hebrews, the twelfth chapter, that you ought to continually set your focus on He who is the Author and Finisher of the faith? So let all the things that can hinder, let that which is besetting be put aside and let, with perseverance and great steadfastness, the work be carried out,” says the Father.


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