January 19, 2019

The Essential Difference Between Being Purpose Driven and Being Spirit Led

The Essential Difference Between Being Purpose Driven and Being Spirit Led

For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.

Romans 8:14


The Father doesn’t want us to be in a place where we never know what to do. God has already freely bestowed unto us the knowledge of what we are to do. We know all things; His laws are written in our hearts and we have the Holy Spirit. However, we frequently find ourselves in a place of never knowing and this has its root in religious indoctrinations that come in diverse forms. God has given the totality of the fullness of the understanding of what pertains to Christ. However, in our daily experiences, we still find ourselves in that situation where we don’t know what to do.


There is a difference between being purpose driven and being led by the Spirit. The former speaks about your own self-motivation to attain an objective. But Jesus clearly said that without Him we can do nothing. Although we are not without Christ, when we rely on ourselves to attain a “godly objective” the outcome is that we will only experience as far as our human ability can take us. The latter, being led by the Spirit, is what the apostle Paul speaks about. In all his epistles, he focuses everything on Christ rather than on the believer. It is possible to get acquainted with the revelation of Christ to the point of missing out the content of His thoughts. We are to have that discernment in the course of our walk in Christ to be able to detect misappropriations that want to place us as the author and finisher of what is desired.


Saying you are purpose driven implies that you are the one who takes the credit. The pursuit of the purpose is based on your capacity. Many who have this perspective find themselves, in their minds, taking credit for the finality of Christ. Christ has freely and unreservedly bestowed all things to us. But many boast on the content of what we have in Christ without this content taking form in them. All that Christ has bestowed to us, the riches of His glory, the treasures, are within us but they are supposed to take form out of us. That is why different believers have different experiences. Christ gave to each and every one of us without measure but what differentiates us is how His content in each earthly vessel takes form out of the vessel. We are to know ourselves as we are known by the Father. What He knows of you is the end product, which is what He has deposited in you as the fullness of Christ that has taken form. If we understand this, we will not fall in the trap of thinking more highly of ourselves in comparison to others. This will entail a day-to-day process of relying on Him.


When we are led by the Spirit, we respond to the leading by our trust in the One who leads. Our walk of faith requires trust. This is what it means to be led; influenced by the Spirit, you are able to close your eyes and allow yourself to be directed by the Spirit step by step, even if there were some other way you knew you could take, trusting that the leading of the Spirit is the best that you have to take you to your destination. He will show you what path to follow. This requires our willingness.


The infinite God uses finite man to accomplish His purpose. Man has so many issues, so many flaws, and these obstruct us even from yielding totally to the influence of the Spirit to the point of trusting Him even when our natural minds don’t see the outcome. But this is the point where God wants to take us and His Spirit will not coerce us. God is preparing us for the things He has prepared for us and this preparation process requires the sons of God to be led; it requires them to yield and to know how to distinguish the voice of God amongst the so many that are in our minds.



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