September 25, 2020

Great Open Door

Great Open Door

We have been given mastery over fear, and our authority over fear is simply resting in the Father’s love. We can live confidently in the midst of whatever uncertain challenge we face. We are entering into a new dispensation of Christ because we live in the eternal season of the Lord’s favor. For us, Christ Jesus has come to fulfill time. We don’t look at a chronological date as the source for our hope but Christ Jesus Himself, in whom all time and space find their fulfillment. We have a prophetic insight into an eternal now.


For I will not see you now by the way; but I trust to tarry a while with you, if the Lord permit. But I will tarry at Ephesus until Pentecost. For a great door and effectual is opened unto me, and there are many adversaries. – 1 Corinthians 16:7-9


In the conclusion of Paul’s first epistle to the Corinthians, we see his apostolic wisdom contained in his closing remarks, the inner workings of his mind in what he sets out as his itinerary. Paul rescheduled his arrangements because there was a massive door of opportunity for effectual service that the Lord opened for him. He stood to walk through that door even amid fierce opposition.


We are in a time of great transition. We will behold in our time a new dispensation of Christ. Therefore God has opened a great door, a massive opportunity, which is strategic because the steps we take will have an impact in the Father’s overall plan. In the midst of all the works of man, He has divinely set His own work at the backdrop of all that is happening in our world. The Church is not simply at the corner of world events. All that is happening is temporal and subject to change. Eternal realities remain immutable. God has opened a great door, and all who can discern it and walk through will be part of the great transition for the new dispensation of Christ.


We have to walk in the perfect synergy of learning to plan and schedule while at the same time attuning our hearts to the leadings and perceptions of God. There are two extremes into which many people fall. Either they would over plan everything and not allow anything to be changed from their schedule, or they would go about and not plan and wait on the Lord’s “marching orders.” There are general marching orders that the Father has already given to the Church. When we grow spiritually, we learn to carry out these fundamentals, such as embarking on the greater commission, the ministry of reconciliation, announcing how the Father has brought humanity into a harmonious relationship with Himself in His Son Christ Jesus. By assuming what was ours and making it His, He has lifted the human nature to participate in the Divine in His one Person (2 Cor. 5:19).


This reconciling love of God has given us a mission to carry out this message to everyone, for there are many who are yet unaware of it. What God has done in Christ is for the entire human family. However, none within the human race can fully benefit from what Christ has done without faith. Faith is to be persuaded, trust, and rest in that which is true. The only faith that is efficacious to eternal life and salvation is the faith of Christ. When we announce the message of Christ, the faith of the Son of God is effectual unto our hearing of salvation (Rom. 10:17). Everyone who hears the gospel has within the message the unveiling of Christ’s own faith revealed as yours. By our participation in His faith, we become aware of what God already knows to be true.


Every believer is a saint, and every saint is a minister. We are consecrated and separated unto God to minister this message. It is a mission that should be the priority of our lives. We represent the universal rulership of Christ in this world; this should change our perspective of daily living. Your life is not your own. Unless we are already advancing in the direction of applying God’s general marching order, we cannot receive directives. Directives come when you are already in motion.


This article is an extract from the series, “Undaunted – The Fearless Life in Christ” by Dr. Shawn Smith. For the complete series, please, visit

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